Beef and Chicken

We have a small herd of gentle Hereford/Angus cattle. They are full-time pastured and only return to the barn for hay twice a day during the cold months. Calves are born in the fields and stay with the herd, their diet shifting from milk to grass. Thus we produce a more flavourful grass-fed organic beef.

After haying, the cattle are rotated through our hayfields which give ample pasture. There is no need for “grain,” hormones or other feed lot additives. No antibiotics are used because the cattle are not raised in congested pens. The cattle naturally fertilize the pastures and hayfields and “brown gold” manure from the barnyard is composted to feed the soil of our mixed gardens.

We raise chicken during the Spring, Summer and Fall when they can have access to outdoor runs. Fresh greens to browse on in addition to the increased exercise develops a tastier bird. Only organic grains with no antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-product are used for feed. The chicken manure and bedding makes a wonderfully rich addition to our compost.


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