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Deacon Vale Tomato Sauce – Picked at their peak, organic ripened tomatoes are combined with a blend of fresh herbs, yellow onions, and garlic, to create this unique, fresh tasting sauce. Excellent with pasta. A wonderful addition to soups and sauces.


Farmhouse Relish – This is a relish we have enjoyed for years. It’s full of organic zucchini, red peppers and onions, all pickled in an apple cider vinegar and flavored with spices. Try it with eggs, cheeses, roast meats, sandwiches, or on a vegetarian burger.


Summer RelishThis was developed in protest of standard hamburger relishes. We will mention no names, but try it on your bic, I mean burger.


Dill Pickles – Crunchy and Delicious!



Apple Garlic Chutney – Apples and garlic both thrive here on Mayne Island. Together they make a tangy condiment for roast meats, cheeses and vegetarian dishes.


South Indian Tomato Chutney – Full of authentic flavours. Serve cold or at room temperature. Try it in a wrap, mixed with a little mayonnaise.


Spicy Apricot Chutney – Great with roast meats or smoked ham.


Spicy Peach Chutney – Great with roast meats or smoked ham. A festive delight!



Both of our jellies – Hot Red Pepper and Jalapeno – are a blend of sweet and hot peppers and are excellent with cream cheese and crackers.



All of our jams are made with sun-ripened fruit and a natural pectin (which requires less sugar). Results: a full fruit flavour!

Apricot Jam - Plum Jam - Gooseberry Jam - Island Blackberry Jam - Peach Jam - Pear Ginger Jam - Raspberry Rhubarb Jam


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